Debt collection

Debt collection

Unpaid invoices are not only annoying, but threaten the existence of a company.

Advatages include:

  • Outsourcing avoids staff costs, no fixed costs

  • The motivation to pay is a lot higher, when contacted by an attorney

  • Avoid errors and payment defaults


The debtor has been reminded to pay but fails to do so.

The debtor will receive yet another warning. If he/she fails to pay, he/she will be legally pursued and the case will be brought in front of a judge.

Enforcement measures may be taken.

Fees and charges

In general, fees and charges will be paid by the debtor. 

Fees and charges include:

  • The main claim

  • Interest rates

  • Dunning costs

  • Return debit notes

  • Expenses

  • Legal fees

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