Criminal Law

Criminal defense: Computer criminal law, Internet criminal law, copyright criminal law

Law enforcement has long arrived in the digital world of Internet criminal law and IT criminal law. Only a fraction of the crimes committed on the Internet are being prosecuted. Public prosecutor’s offices have set up special units to combat cybercrime in order to take account of the rapid developments in the field of IT criminal law.

Advatages include:

  • Outsourcing avoids staff costs, no fixed costs

  • A successful defence strategy requires all the more:

  • Technical knowledge in the field of Internet and IT criminal law
  • the Development of an early defense strategy, because those who wait for the indictment have already missed their best chances

Main focuses

Crimes in the Darknet (Tor network)

Offences related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Copyright infringements (UrhG)

Infringements of competition law (UWG)

Violations of data protection laws (BDSG, DSGVO)

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